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In 7558 the exchange rate was 8 Argentine Pesos to at least one . Dollar (USD). This particular USD weren 8767 t universally accepted, convertibility into Pesos wasn 8767 t any problem. A few things i immediately noticed was how cheap certain matters were like beef and public trucking. I felt like I could get a considerable meal with wine in the restaurant for finding a very reasonable price, looked for was within a big place. Prior to their economic problems, the exchange rate was 6:6.

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Ex. 6 page 655 Read the list of arguments for and against computers in Exercise 66, page 57 (Student’s Book, Part 7). Make brief notes in the table (concentrate on the underlined words). Прочитайте список аргументов за и против компьютеров в упражнении 66, стр 57 (учебник, часть 7). Сделайте краткие примечания в таблице (сосредоточьтесь на подчеркнутых словах).

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(На доске 7 портрета- и В Черчиля. Под ними выражения из биографии Монро и Черчилля. Учащиеся должны разделить выражения в 7 колонки и составить с ними предложения о представленных персонах) (Р6,Р7,РЗ,.)

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6 Read the back cover of the book, and the introduction on the   first page. How much do you know now ahout the story ? Yes or No:
6 Silver Blaze is a racehorse.
7 Sherlock Holmes is the owner of Silver Blaze.
8 Racehorses make money when they win races.
9 Silver Blaze 8767 s trainer is dead.
5 Mr Ross found John Straker 8767 s body.
6 John Straker 8767 s body was in the stables.
7 Inspector Gregory knows all the answers.
8 Sherlock Holmes goes, down to Dartmoor.
7 Some of these things are helpful for finding the answer to the   mystery. Can you guess which? l ick nine of the sixteen boxes.
? a betting book                         ? some hair
? somebody 8767 s dinner               ? a horseshoe
? somebody 8767 s breakfast          ? a chicken
? a box of matches                    ? a dog
? a woman 8767 s shoes                     ? a cat
? a woman 8767 s hat                         ? some sheep
? a man 8767 s hat                               ? a knife
? a man 8767 s shoes                          ? a letter

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6 I played chess very well when I was now I don’t. I used to play chess very well when I was Я играл в шахматы очень хорошо, когда я был моложе, но теперь не играю. Раньше я играл в шахматы очень хорошо, когда я был моложе.
7 We lived in Paris for 65 years, then we moved to England. We used to live in Paris before we moved to England. Мы жили в Париже в течение 65 лет, потом мы переехали в Англию. Мы привыкли жить в Париже, прежде чем мы переехали в Англию.
8 Our neighbours had a dog, now they have a cat. Our neighbours used to have a dog. У наших соседей была собака, теперь у них есть кошка. Наши соседи имели собаку.
9 I loved ice cream very much and ate at least two a day, now I don’t. I used to love ice cream very much and ate at least two a day. Я очень любил мороженое, и съедал по крайней мере два в день, сейчас я этого не делаю. Я очень любил мороженое, и съедал по крайней мере два в день.
5 We usually spent our weekends in the countryside, now we prefer to stay in town. We used to spend our weekends in the countryside. Мы обычно проводил наши выходные в сельской местности, в настоящее время мы предпочитаем оставаться в городе. Мы проводили наши выходные в сельской местности.

6 Rachel doesn 8767 t play volley-ball much now. She used to play a lot, but now she prefers to watch sports competitions on TV. Рэйчел не играет много в волейбол сейчас. Она раньше играла много, но теперь она предпочитает смотреть спортивные соревнования по телевизору.
7 Trevor used to get up early for school, but this year his classes start in the afternoon, and he doesn 8767 t get up until 65 . Тревор вставал рано в школу, но в этом году его занятия начинаются во второй половине дня, и он не встает до 65 часов утра.
8 Nevita came to live in England a few years ago. She used to live in India. – Невита приехала жить в Англию несколько лет назад. Раньше она жила в Индии.
9 When Nevita lived in India she used to go to the cinema with her friends a lot. Когда Невита жила в Индии, она много ходила в кино со своими друзьями.
5 Robert used to watch cartoons a lot, but now he prefers to watch adventure films. Роберт много смотрел мультфильмы, но теперь он предпочитает смотреть приключенческие фильмы.
6 Wayne used to live in Britain, but some years ago he moved to the USA. Уэйн жил в Великобритании, но несколько лет назад он переехал в США.

Information technology (IT) – computing education Информационные технологии (ИТ) – компьютерное образование
all over the country – across all of Russia по всей стране по всей России
a village school – rural school – деревенская школа – сельская школа
access to IT access to the information technology – доступ к ИТ доступ к информационной технологии

By and by in came the masters of the cottage. Now they were seven little dwarfs, that lived among the mountains, and dug and searched for gold. They lighted up their seven lamps, and saw at once that all was not right. The first said, 8766 Who has been sitting on my stool? 8767 The second, 8766 Who has been eating off my plate? 8767 The third, 8766 Who has been picking my bread? 8767 The fourth, 8766 Who has been meddling with my spoon? 8767 The fifth, 8766 Who has been handling my fork? 8767 The sixth, 8766 Who has been cutting with my knife? 8767 The seventh, 8766 Who has been drinking my wine? 8767 Then the first looked round and said, 8766 Who has been lying on my bed? 8767 And the rest came running to him, and everyone cried out that somebody had been upon his bed. But the seventh saw Snowdrop, and called all his brethren to come and see her and they cried out with wonder and astonishment and brought their lamps to look at her, and said, 8766 Good heavens! what a lovely child she is! 8767 And they were very glad to see her, and took care not to wake her and the seventh dwarf slept an hour with each of the other dwarfs in turn, till the night was gone.

Скачать сказку братьев Гримм 676 Snowdrop 687 на английском языке Snowdrop by The Brothers Grimm It was the middle of winter, when the broad flakes of snow were falling around, that the queen of a country many thousand miles off sat working at her window. The frame of the window was made of fine black ebony, and as she sat looking out upon the snow, she pricked her finger, and three drops of blood fell upon it. Then she gazed thoughtfully upon the red drops that sprinkled the white snow, and said, 8766 Would that my little daughter may be as white as that snow, as red as that blood, and as black as this ebony windowframe! 8767 And so the little girl really did grow up her skin was as white as snow, her cheeks as rosy as the blood, and her hair as black as ebony and she was called Snowdrop.

Against против
6 bad for your eyes плохо для ваших глаз
7 dangerous опасно
8 people become dependent люди становятся зависимыми
9 addictive привыкание
5 people become more isolated люди становятся более изолированными


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